Windows 10 (2)

    When you are stuck in safe mode because the admin password was not set up (only your live MS password which is not accessible when the network is off)

    If you have forgotten your local admin password, you won't be able to open Command Prompt as administrator in Windows 10. So you will need to up the Command Prompt with the help of a Windows 10 setup disk.

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    Sometimes applications, programs or software we install automatically enable themselves within Windows 10 start-up. In other, each time you switch your PC or tablet on, the application, program or software initialise automatically. This can slow down your windows 10 start up process but also it's speed as the apps will continue working in the background using your computer memories and CPU.g

    Fortunately, adding or removing an app or program from the star-up list is relatively easy. In this article, I explain how to enable or disable a program from windows 10 start-up processes list.